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Specializing in Breast Augmentation

nickname "gummy bear" for cohesive breast implant

Latest News on the new 'Gummy Bear'  Breast Implants in Wichita KS


  •  The gummy bear implants are form stable silicone gel implants.  The Allergan Natrelle Style implants are our preferred implants. The manufacturer has made a strong statement about its commitment to patient safety.  The company also offers an unprecedented warranty.
  •  Dr. James Rieger is among a select group of board-certified plastic surgeons chosen by Allergan to provide these implants. Our plastic surgery practice in Wichita KS is pleased with being selected.

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New - Kybella - Injectable Fat Reduction

Kybella™ is an NEW FDA-approved, non-surgical option for removal of mild to moderate amounts of fat below the chin and jawline. Effective for both men and women, this non-surgical option for improving the contour of the neck is available at our Wichita Kansas Private Plastic Surgery Practice. Kybella™ requires no anesthesia and has no downtime associated with it. Kybella™ is actually pure deoxycholic acid, a chemical that is made naturally in your body by the pancreas to digest fatty materials. This product is made in the lab from chemicals not from other sources. Assuming stable body weight, Kybella™ produces permanent results. Over the next month, damaged fat cells are digested by your own immune system, leading to fewer fat cells and an improved neck contour.

Call our office for a complimentary appointment.

 Quick Summary of Kybella - Non surgical treatment in Wichita Kansas

  • Anesthesia: Ice pack. Ibuprofen 60 minutes before treatment.

  • Length of procedure: 15-30 minutes or less

  • Estimated recovery time: Swelling lasts for 4 - 6 days. Treatments are spaced out by about a month and repeated to desired effect. Most people require 2 to 4 treatments. 

  • Side effects: Kybella™ can cause bruising, swelling and tenderness under the chin, all of which should resolve within one to three weeks. A small percentage of people report subjective feelings of difficulty with swallowing or some changes with the appearance of their smile. These also resolve within days to weeks.

  • Click here to go to our website page on Kybella


Laser Hair Removal with the Vectus

Laser Hair Removal

 Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets for Women Wichita Kansas


Plastic surgeon, Dr. James A. Rieger and his staff welcome you to his Wichita Kansas practice. This website will help you learn more about cosmetic surgery and the current options available to you.

James A. Rieger, MD - Physician and Surgeon - Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rieger is double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. He is also a member the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rieger will help clients make fully informed choices based on guidance, insight and education. He encourages patients to ask any questions and feel confident about the decisions they make concerning  their cosmetic surgery. You should feel comfortable discussing your goals. His goal is providing patients in Kansas with procedures that enhance their natural beauty with natural looking improvements.

Our plastic surgery flipbook photo albums offer the ability to see some of Dr. Rieger's plastic surgery before and after results. These results are of course unique to each individual patient but allow one to see the surgical skills and artistry of a plastic surgeon’s work.  

 before after photos plastic surgery wichita ks

Wichita Kansas Plastic surgeon, Dr. Rieger performs a wide array of cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery. We are committed to ensure you make well-informed decisions about cosmetic surgery and this cosmetic surgery web site will help. Our priority is your safety and comfort. Take the time to review the different plastic surgery procedures we provide our Kansas patients.

Breast enhancement procedures create a better proportioned profile to your frame with safe, natural looking enhancements. These procedures include breast augmentation (enlargement) with silicone and saline breast implants, breast reduction, and breast lift (mastopexy).

Body reshaping and recontour procedures improve your figure by removing excess tissue and sculpting your existing contours. These procedures include abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction and mini tummy tuck.

Facial plastic surgery procedures improve facial structure and skin firmness, texture. These procedures may be surgical procedures like rhinoplasty (nose job), facelift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and otoplasty (ear setback). The non-surgical procedures include Botox, Juvederm (dermal filler), Radiesse (dermal filler), laser resurfacing (DOT laser) and more. These procedures give a more youthful appearance. Laser hair removal and anti-aging products are also available to our clients.

Informing you about plastic surgery in a friendly and comfortable environment is our goal. Dr. Rieger's private practice is discretely located in the Cypress Medical Office Park in the northeastern part of Wichita Kansas. In additional, he also sees patients at the Summit Medical Center in Hutchinson Kansas and at the Women's Clinic in Garden City Kansas.  Clientele come from throughout Kansas including Salina, Newton, Great Bend, Liberal, Augusta, Cimarron, Dodge City, Shaw and Hays and from neighboring states like Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri and as far away as Alaska.

The practice offers complimentary cosmetic consultations.

For more information on our services including breast augmentation call 316-652-9333. You may also request a free consultation by email.

Plastic surgery can make significant improvements in your appearance and self-esteem. The goal of our plastic surgery office in Kansas is to provide individual attention, safe surgery, and beautiful, natural results.

We are here to help you look your best.

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