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Allergan highly cohesive breast implants style 410 

If you are considering using a "Gummy Bear" Breast Implant...

The 410 breast implants are a new type of silicone breast implant commonly referred to as a  “gummy bear implant” due to the consistency of the cohesive, form-stable gel, as in 'gummy bear candy'. The material is denser and can maintain shape better in an upright position.

There are 2 new gummy bear implants which are FDA approved, the Sientra and the Style 410 implant.


 However, for cosmetic augmentation the Style 410  has several disadvantages compared to the Sientra breast implant  :

Our office is pleased to offer our patients both "gummy bear" implant brands : Style 410 and Sientra.

Dr. Rieger's practice specializes in augmentation surgery and will review the latest information on these breast implants.

 At your free consultation you will be able to feel both implant brands and choose the implant that is right for you.

Advantages of the Style 410 implant

Shaping : This  unique  silicone filler  produces superior breast  shaping compared to  other  existing   silicone gel  implants in certain patients.  Shape is enhanced because the gel is firmer and more dense. In the upright position this implant holds its shape better and can help fill volume loss in the upper part of the breast for example. This loss of volume is commonly seen after breast feeding. This implant and its ability to shape the breast will also be very helpful in breast cancer reconstruction.

Less Visible Implant Lines: Form-stable means less folds or rippling because the gel does not shift from one area of the implant to another, as occurs with the more water-balloon-like saline implants.

Shape and Feel: Not only do highly cohesive, form-stable gel implants feel soft and supple, but they maintain their anatomical (teardrop) shape well  into the surrounding breast tissue, resulting in a very natural contour.

Longevity : These 'gummy bear' implants offer the advantages of an highly cohesive gel 'gummy bear consistency' which can add to longevity. Longevity, because they do not develop as many folds, and it is along folds that implants ultimately fail. And if, somehow, the shell does fail, since the gel is so thick, it should not migrate anywhere in any significant quantity.

Disadvantages of the Style 410 implant

 Not all patient are ideal '410 patients':

Patients with lax (loose) breast tissue, mild sagging(ptosis) may not be considered ideal patient for this implant because the breast tissue can not be reshaped to the loose breast tissue. The current less cohesive responsive implants have a better chance of reshaping these patients.

Patients with thin breast tissue may not be considered ideal patient for this implant because the implant may be visible and have a very firm unnatural feeling.

Patients with a convex chest wall or other types of curvature to the chest wall may not be ideal candidates for this implant because the implant may not lie flat on the chest wall.

Feel:  Highly cohesive, form-stable gel implants feel firmer 'gummy candy feel' than their silicone gel cousins, and this may be a big disadvantage for women. The firmness of this implant may cause edge visibility and palpability.

Gel Fracture / Rupture:  This device can rupture or fracture since the implant is a 'semisolid'. This may cause a breast deformity. Of course any implant that has a rupture requires replacement/revision surgery.

Shape: "Gummies" are so form-stable that they impart their shape on the breast. If a women is desiring a rounder-shaped breast, the tear drop shape of the cohesive gel implant may not be the  best option. One company, Sientra, has developed a round cohesive gel implant which is more cohesive than the current gel implants but less cohesive than the Allergan Natrelle Style 410. This Sientra implant may be a good option for a round implant.

Incision Size: Again, since cohesive gel implants are form-stable, they cannot be squeezed through small incisions. So the length of the incision in the breast fold will be longer

Rotation: Anatomically shaped implants such as the gummy bear implant project more on the bottom than on top, mimicking the shape of a natural breast. If an anatomical implant rotates because the pocket holding it is too loose, it causes a distorted appearance that does not occur with round implants. This would be similar to an egg rotating to one side or completely upside down. This would require revision surgery which would likely require replacing the shaped implant with a round implant. This problem is rare.

Drains may be Required: Some have recommended having to use drains after surgery when performing augmentation with a style 410 implant.  Other implants usually do not have this recommendation. A drain may cause some discomfort after surgery and may increase risk of infection. Of course, the drain would need removal after surgery.

410 implant certified

About High Strength Silicone Implants - Gummy Bears

Silicone is a naturally occurring element found in sand, quartz and rock that can be manufactured in the form of oils, gels and solids. Highly cohesive gel implants are manufactured as a solid mass of silicone gel that's created by adding a cross-links to produce a tighter molecular bond. The result is similar in consistency and feel to the small, rubbery-textured and gelatin-based gummy bear candies, hence the nickname. Cut a pie shape out of a cohesive gel implant and it will maintain its shape, which is why these devices are described as being more "form stable" than their less cohesive silicone gel implants. If the shell ruptures, the gel will not likely migrate. This is considered a safety advantage. When any implant is placed in the body, the body forms a capsule around the implant. If a cohesive implant were to leak, it would probably just stay within the capsule. The capsule might thicken, and a patient may notice a firmer feel of the breast. But it is also possible that there might be no change at all. A  rupture might be detected by mammogram or MRI.

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