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Breast augmentation - Sometimes size does matter

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When I was 18 years old my boyfriend wanted an RX7 and I wanted a 36C.

He eventually got his car. Unfortunately at the age of 22 I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to develop anymore. My mother suggested I consult the sales lady in the lingerie department. A nice way of saying, “buy a padded bra” but even Victoria’s Secrets has limitations. Swimsuits, strapless dresses and a wide variety of tops are not bra friendly. One evening I found a cocktail dress I had barrowed from a friend required more padding than my bra provided. I stuffed my bra with my husband’s tube socks only to have one peek out half way through the evening. Something needed to change.

Finally with the pregnancy of my first child I reached my 36C. An experience that lasted not much longer than pregnancy but came with a price to pay. My once plump, perky breasts looked more like deflated balloons. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands or better yet put them into a plastic surgeons.

I did my research and found out implants have been used to augment women’s breast since 1895. I could still get mammograms and the FDA had given implants the seal of approval. Of course everyone I spoke to had their own opinion, no matter how uninformed they were. This was something I wanted to do for me and the only question I had left was where to go. Everything I read pointed me in the direction of a board certified plastic surgeon. My initial consultation was very informative. Dr. Rieger answered all of my questions and I looked at photos of his breast augmentation patients. I was impressed with his bedside manner, his work and his staff. I scheduled my surgery and had one more appointment. The surgery was about an hour and a half at a hospital based surgical center. The implants were placed under the muscle, by way of the breast fold to allow for better quality mammograms, less rippling and a more natural look.

Recovery was much easier than I expected. My breasts were swollen for about a week, but I was up and moving in three days. I was back at work a week later and that spring my husband and I took a trip to the Caribbean. A year later I had our second child. I was still able to carry full term and nurse my baby. Best of all my breasts did not shrivel like before, after I stopped nursing.

Driving east on I-96 just past Woodlawn I catch a glimpse through the YMCA windows of the dedicated human hamsters running on their electric wheels. Their perseverance reminds me of how challenging it is to achieve and maintain physical attractiveness. From thinner thighs to tighter tummies people diet and exercise diligently to enhance their appearance, both in and out of clothing. Fortunately not all physical attributes require daily maintenance.

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