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Ghost of xmas present

the ghost of christmas present article

 Ghost of Xmas Present Wichita Kansas Article            Article By Page InTyme © 2007      

It was always ironic to me that the Ghost of Christmas Present- Mr. Merriment himself- would harbor two starving children under his majestic robe. These two children, “Ignorance and Want” frightened me more than any of the other ghost, but Christmas is hardly the time to be frightened. Christmas, the season of hope, goodwill and generosity should be an inspirational time where compassion and charity resonate long after the tree comes down. You only need to search your heart to give of your time, talent and treasures.

Start with your family. Does someone need help cleaning their room, washing the dishes or completing homework? Kind, thoughtful words such as “please” and “thank you” have the best price tag of all and satisfaction is guaranteed. Think of your neighbors, I know I would love to come home and find my empty trash container has mysteriously walked its way back from the curb. Churches, animal shelters, food kitchens and other volunteer organizations always have lists of “things to do” and things they “want” and there’s always the internet.

Instead of a partridge and a pear tree world and local donation sites give us the opportunity to give one another an acre of the rainforest, adopt a wild animal and provide shelter to the needy. As if this weren’t enough there are incredibly talented people who combine their time, talent and treasure and move the spirit of giving throughout the year.

Healing the children, a nonprofit organization, arranges trips for doctors to provide medical services and surgeries to children of impoverished countries. The medical staff donate their time, talent and treasure as they give gifts of self-esteem and improved health to people they may never see again. Dentists are another group who are pooling their skills and funds to provide gifts that come without boxes or bows.

The spirit of Christmas present should probably visit us all at least once in our lifetime, if for no other reason, to remind us that ignorance to the needs of others and our world is not an excuse. Be inspired, not intimidated! Take stock in the generosity of others and do all that you can to share what God has blessed you with.

Merry Christmas, Paige Intyme

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