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 Laser hair removal - Unhairy appeal

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Wearing summer apparel can often be a hairy endeavor. The defining lines of swimsuits, short shorts and sun dresses can be flattering or flabbergasting, especially if unsightly hair peeks out. Shaving is an option if you have the time and don’t mind 5 o’clock shadows and razor burn. Then there is hair removal in a can or bottle, with a fragrance of “Ode de Kitty Litter” and an unforgivable burn if it runs adrift. Waxing allows more time between hair removal sessions, but that’s of course necessary to prepare for flesh ripping torture. I need a hero, but instead of one that’s faster than a speeding bullet, or does whatever a spider can, my hero needs to be able to kill my arch nemesis, the Hairy Beast, without destroying my purse in the process.

Never fear…when unwanted hairs appear, Super Laser is here! I searched the internet and found Dr. Rieger’s office offered great results that wouldn’t break the bank.

I made an appointment to have my underarms and bikini line done. When I arrived I was instructed to don the protective glasses and slip into something overly revealing. Spa music filled the air. I positioned myself on the table accordingly and prayed that no one accidentally walked into the room who wasn’t supposed to. I attempted to find my happy place, day dreaming of summer breezes and barefoot bliss, when suddenly the laser technician entered the room.

She reviewed the protocol and the areas to be zapped, then quickly began to work. The hum of white noise wrapped around the spa music. I prepared myself for the inevitable pulsating pain which I had paid for in advance. With my fists clenched I grit my teeth and tightened my muscles. The technician began the treatment, “zap, zap, zing, zing”, I felt a slight sting. She moved swiftly, but meticulously aware that every centimeter could contain hair and with my luck probably did. The smell of burned hair began to overtake the electric lavender emitted from the plug in.

I started to relax as it wasn’t nearly as painful as I had anticipated. I began to realize a quick zing was all it took to destroy the hairy beast I’d become and it left behind the soft, smooth skin of my new bikini bare body. Before I knew it the session is over and I was one step closer to being free of unwanted hair and embarrassing moments… well those caused by unsightly hair, anyway.

I think of my body as a wonderland and I wonder when it will finally become a low maintenance, fuel efficient, sleek machine. A body that does not require me to be the queen of pain and poverty. My new hero, “Super Laser”, inspires me. It is quick, inexpensive and efficient. I returned for a few more treatments and I haven’t had to shave or perform any other hair removal procedures in 6 months. I can tell this is going to be a defining and relaxing summer.

Laser Hair Removal Article Wichita Kansas

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