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 Nose job - Architecture of the face

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The eyes are the windows to our souls. They can be mesmerizing or tranquil. We can color, highlight or hide them beneath a sea of lashes. Two lips give tasteful color and arabesque movement to every sound the mouth makes. Long and luscious, pouty and puckered the oh so kissable lips can also be accentuated with shiny gloss and plumped with fillers. But what about the nose?

This emanant protuberance in the center of our face is more than just a breathing apparatus. It acts like a pendulum providing a sense of balance to the face. Think of how your face would appear without a nose. …..a sheet with 2 holes for eyes and one for the mouth. Now think of how your face would appear with an oversized or disproportionate nose. …Cyrano de Bergerac’s claim to fame. The nose is a key and essential feature of the face, but unlike the eyes and the mouth, a disproportionate or misshaped nose cannot be hidden or disguised. It is a feature flaw that even the most talented make-up artist cannot correct, unless he happens to be a plastic surgeon.

More commonly known as a “nose job” this procedure can soften a face hardened by a large, masculine nose and chisel away a toucan sam to profile perfection. Boasting down time of only a few days the biggest draw back of this same day procedure is keeping the nose safe. Instead of orange construction cones doctors place a white triangular splint over the top of the nose giving even the fairest of complexions the look of a Swiss alp. Recovery limitations include not raising your blood pressure while the tiny vessels heal and avoiding any contact to the nose.

All in all a tiny price to pay for the privilege of proportion and the look of a Greek goddess. If Edmond Rostand was able to write an entire play, the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, on the life altering changes an unsightly nose can cause, then perhaps it warrants as much consideration as other facial features. It is the silent facial feature, how often do you receive compliments on your nose? People do notice an unattractive nose, though they may not say anything. The nose is the focal point that provides the symmetry to balance one’s facial features. Beautify it, as you would any other facial feature and it will actually enhance your face.

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