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For Mother’s Day my children gave me a card that read, “Beauty comes from within…….within boxes, bottles and packages.” Some mothers may have been offended, but I had to laugh. My bathroom countertop and nightstand were once covered in many promising products. I was a beauty product addict with a supply of lotions, serums, powders, masks, creams, cleansers and make-up that could fill a small warehouse. I sucked up every promise the packages made, like a hoover deluxe, feeling sure that if only I added one more product I would be model material. That was then, I have since become an educated consumer.

The most important thing I learned was never, never, never buy impulsively. If a product is effective it will be around for a long time and often will be available at different prices. A very aggressive salesgirl sold me a “$25.00 magic buffer” for my nails from a cart at the mall. Later I found it on the internet for $1.50. This was an expensive lesson as there were no refunds, even for unopened merchandise. The price may not always be negotiable, but you may end up with buyer’s remorse if you don’t shop around. Web sites such as, www.spawichita.com offer over 100 different manufacturers such as; Jane Iredale, La Roche-Posay, Kinerase, Glytone, BioElements and Bullfrog. These sites often offer help from estheticians to help distinguish which products are right for you. They also offer, discounts, free shipping and can be tax free making them time and cost effective.

Know your maintenance time limits. If a products requires 6 separate steps to be affective and your more of a “quick clean” personality, this is not an option for you. Read the directions before you select the product. My favorite products work while I sleep and are applied before bed or I can use them in while I shower.

Use caution when mixing products. If your not sure about adding a lotion to a night serum, call the company or read about it on the internet. I woke up one morning looking like a pink, puffy cloud had landed on my face. I had to wait until the cloud passed before slowly reapplying products individually. Unfortunately I had developed an allergy to prevage, one of my all time favorite products. I returned the unused portion and received a refund along with a recommendation of other products I may do better with. I’ve seen truly amazing results when a product is used correctly and continuously. Follow the directions and be consistent. Give a product at least 4-6 weeks before you write it off. Not all products will do for you what they do for others.

We live in our skin. It is a projection of how we feel, which may not always be a good thing, but something we can adjust. If a shampoo dried your hair out or a conditioner left it oily, you‘d try something else, but you wouldn‘t quit shampooing. The abundance of skin products available to help fight the effects of the elements, stress and the ware and tear of time may be overwhelming, but when taken slowly and given the proper research attention the results are impressive. We need only research the products, compare costs, and follow the directions to look our best.

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