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Tummy tuck - Big beatiful women to body born again

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 Tummy Tuck Wichita Kansas Article            Article By Page InTyme © 2007      

At the age of 35 I was awestruck when my daughter pointed out that if I were to die at the age of 70 I was now middle aged.

I was just as shocked to overhear my sister tell my son, “nowadays woman like your mom are referred to as BBWs.” Over the years I had lost sight of whose gigantic panties I was folding in the laundry…they were mine. I made jokes about my size claiming it was just another growing stage. In an attempt to disguise my size I wore tent dresses, but in my white sun dress I looked like a giant lemon meringue pie. I knew I had to do something to stop my body’s fat expansion plans or I was going to spend the rest of my life, however long or short, uncomfortable and unhealthy.

The dietician I consulted told me to regard fast food as FAT food and to avoid it at all costs. Daily walks and exercise became a necessity, just as important as eating and sleeping. Slowly my energy level began to increase, my weight began to decrease, but the skin that had held all my weight seemed to be growing. At the pool people must have thought, “that lady has an inner tube on inside of her suit. Finally, one day while walking with a friend I told her about my frustration and she provided me with the knowledge I lacked.

She said her three pregnancies had left her with a kangaroo pouch. The elasticity in her skin had not retracted back to it’s original shape, but all was not lost. She had a tummy tuck and suggested I look into it. I spent that night on the internet and found a board certified plastic surgeon in my area. At my appointment I had the opportunity to see photos of patients the surgeon had performed this procedure on and visit with the doctor. All of my questions were answered and after my pre-operative appointment I was on my way to being sculpted.

I spent the first night after surgery resting comfortably at the surgical center. This had been a deciding factor in choosing my surgeon, as fellow tummy tuck warriors had had advised me of the importance of an overnight stay at the surgical center. Two tiny drains, whom I affectionately named “Big Gulp” and “Slim Fast,” removed excess fluid from my tummy for a week. I was back to work in a week and at 2 weeks started throwing away my elastic waist pants. By six weeks I could hardly remember my old attached apron, belts were being reintroduced into my wardrobe and I had converted from a “BBW” (Big Beautiful Woman) to a “BBA” (Body Born Again).I no longer attended costume parties as a puff fish - stuck in a puff.

I enjoy my body and the good health it provides me. Although the thought of getting old does not appeal, it beats the alternative and I know I’m doing everything possible to stay healthy for the time that I have left. There is a scar that hides just below my panty line, but I consider it more of a souvenir from a battle I once won.

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